The Fat Lady Can’t Sing Without Her Last Three Lines: The Sixth Stanza

The Dysfunctional Family Chasticayn (Poem)

The Sixth Stanza:

Wanted three more lines to accompany the line —

“The Fallen and Forgotten Fruit Best Left Fermenting”

The final note of the poem should take a hard look at the difficulty of this family blending in with society and wether or not it should. Personally I think they ought to be cock-eyed and sideways.

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Another Three Lines: The Fifth Stanza

The Dysfunctional Family Chasticayn (Poem)

The Fifth Stanza:

Wanted three lines to accompany the line —

“The Pet Peeves Under the Withered Leaves”

What strange creatures surround the Chasticayn’s home?

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Three More Lines With Feeling: The Fourth Stanza

The Dysfunctional Family Chasticayn (Poem)

The Fourth Stanza:

Wanted three more lines to accompany the line —

“The Broken, Spattered, Battered, and Deep-Fried Branches”

Describe the wonderfully demented extended family from the European and Asian sides of the family.

You might consider these two films for inspiration.

  • Benny and June
  • Kamikaze Girls

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A Wish For Three More Charmed Lines: The Third Stanza

The Dysfunctional Family Chasticayn (Poem)

The Third Stanza

Wanted three more lines to accompany the line –
“The Jingly Jangly Funk From the Junk in the Thick Old-Ass Family Trunk”

This Chasticayns are a strange family. Their posessions and contraptions are even weirder. Come on and entertain us with some of their oddest notions by adding a few more lines to this poem.

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The Next Three Lines: The Second Stanza

The Dysfunctional Family Chasticayn (Poem)

The Second Stanza:

Wanted three more lines to accompany the line —

“The Dirty Rotten Rotters in the Roots”

The second stanza should reference who the Chasticayn’s are hiding from. Primarily this would include:

  • Wizards of Ancient Atlantis of whom the Family’s Patriarch was once allied.
  • The Chasticayn’s European relatives who still associate and sympathize with the Atlantian Wizards.
  • The Asian side of the family with uncertain and complicated loyalties.

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A Request For Three Poetic Lines

On one of these pages I have an incomplete poem. It is tentatively titled, “The Dysfunctional Chasticayn Family Tree”. I could really use some help with the first stanza. Even my first line works only as a second, third, or possibly fourth line. Since I am asking for help composing a poem about a fictitious family with no source material provided I will start with some inspiration.

The Chasticayn’s are modeled after those dysfunctional families like the Addams family, the Collins family of Dark Shadows, or the Munsters.

Now imagine a family like that running off to Mendocino County California to hide out from their extended family.

Here is the line to play with:

“The creepy crap hidden in the crypt of the decrepit family plot”

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The Basic Inter-Fi Point System

My First Rule of Collaboration is that if you can’t afford to pay your collaborators you need to at least feed them. But, I can’t afford to do that either. And, since I want to collaborate online for fun. I had to find a way to keep my number one rule in play in spite of my shortcomings. This is what I came up with. I can’t say for certain if the points are fair in every case. But, it seemed like a good starting point for people to compare their input to that of everyone else or just say, “Hey, look at me. I did that!”. And hey maybe my Inter-Fi Project or yours will be bigger than Elvis. One can always dream. One always should be a dreamer and be proud of themselves while doing it.

Some contributions point valuations are compounding with element or presentation method. Without further ado this is the point system I came up with.


Every contribution will receive a shout out and or a byline credit.


  • Title: Contributors are listed by title Title earned.
  • Name: This is you.
  • Points: Points should signify the significance of each contribution and reflect the effort put into each project. Due to the subjective nature of point valuation points cannot imply that one’s number of points increases or lessens the value of any one contribution.
  • Contributions: A tally of contributions. Title Credits depend on submissions. The number of submissions bears no reflection on points.
  • Breakdown of Contributions by Type: A simplified indication of credited work without listing every single contribution.


[1 point] For every 10th of word of narration.

[5 points] for each  new word, new letter design, or linguistic rule for created languages.

[10 points] for each specialized, place and culture name.

[15 points] for each cultural law or special system rule.

[20 points] for each rough sketch.

[25 points] for each video presentation or photograph.

[35 points] varies per section of map or schematic design.

  • Costume Designs:  will each be valued at 50pts.
  • Weapon or Device Schematics:  will each be valued at 50pts.
  • Ship Schematics: will be valued at 35 pts. per deck.
  • Maps: A map of an area would be valued at 35 pts., while maps may be valued according to scale at 35 pt., for each  division such as district, nation, continent, land mass, planet, or sector.

[50 points] for each piece of finished artwork including finished drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

[75 points] for practical props

[100 points] for each fitted and finished costume.

[125 points] for each FX graphic.

[150 points] for each piece of set construction.

[250 points] for performing a supporting role in a video.

[500 points] for Banner or Logo Design.

[600 points] for performing central role in a video.

[750 points] for becoming a regular contributor for at least 25 contributions.

[1000 points] for directing performers in a  video.

[1250] Creating a page or storyline.

[1500 points] for becoming a Major Contributor for at least 75 contributions.

[2000 points] for becoming an Editor by being a Major Contributor, and taking the responsibility of maintaining and updating comments or a Project Bible page.

[2500 points]  for becoming a Veteran Contributor for at least 150 contributions.

[5000] for becoming a Creative Editor by being a Veteran Contributor, and developing or managing a storyline.

[1750] for becoming an Expert Contributor for at least 300 contributions.

[10000] for becoming an Associate Creator, offered to someone the Creator(s) can trust with taking over the whole project in the event of the Creator(s)’ absence. Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have at least 600 contributions.
  • Committed to Longevity of Project.
  • Respectful of Character and Story Integrity.
  • Has the support of the Project Community.

[15000 points] for being a Creator.

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